Why Not You?

Just saw the most one sided Superbowl I can recall… The Denver Broncos didn’t seem to show up for the game… they made one touchdown,. The Settle Seahawks Dominated the game… Score was 43-8… The Commercials were lackluster and really seemed to lack creativity… But The BIG lesson for me was after the game… Why Not You? If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for...

Why You Absolutely Need a Sales Funnel

Why You Absolutely Need a Sales Funnel Writing a book or other information product is a great way – especially for service businesses, to gain some traction in the marketplace… Having a book credentialises  you. BUT – it can also be a great profit pocket for you. It’s important to think of where this book or information product fits into your sales funnel. What is a sales funnel and why do you need one? ==> What Is a Sales Funnel? A sales funnel is a well thought-out pattern of follow-up and product sales that’s designed to maximize the amount of money you make from each visitor on your site. This allows you to maximize the profit you make from these products. The sales funnel generally starts when someone gives you their email address when they land on your website. It then leads them step by step through each product offering. The sales funnel usually steps up to higher and higher price points over time. Your first product might only be $10. Your second might be $97, then $297 and eventually a $2,000 or even $10,000 bootcamp experience. ==> Why Is a Sales Funnel Important? In marketing circles, a well-known idiom is that “The Money is in the Back End.” That means that while up-front sales are important, the real profit is in making repeat sales. Statistics show that it’s about seven times as easy to sell an existing customer than it is to find a new buyer. (This applies to any sale… if you’re not marketing to your existing Customers you are likely leaving a lot of money on the table!) It’s also much easier to make significant money by selling higher ticket items. You’ll need to make over 50 sales at $47 to make up for one $2,500 workshop sale. ==> In Competitive Markets, it’s the Only Way to Compete In competitive markets, if you don’t have a sales funnel you simply won’t be able to promote your product. You just don’t have the leverage. Let’s say you’re selling a Book at $40. You have a conversion rate of 1%, making each visitor worth $0.40. Your competitor is selling an eBook at $40. But they also have a $20-a-month subscription Coaching program. Most people stay for 3 months, so his average customer value is $100. At the same conversion rate, his average visitor is worth $1. When it comes to advertising and promoting, they’ll be...

Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business

Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business Are you using the Social Sites to improve your business? Just about everyone uses social media networks these days. It’s a way to keep up with friends old and new. But, did you know how important it is for the business side of things? Social Media Hype What is it about social media that is so appealing? quite simply… It’s about RELATIONSHIPS! In this technological age it’s a way for people to keep u in touch with each other when their schedules are too busy for actual face-to-face meetings. People can stay social and share with others over the inter webs s even if they don’t get out very much. Friends and family can stay in touch over the long miles with social sites. You can meet and make new acquaintances through the personal information that you provide on your profiles. Facebook can even make suggestions for you of people you might know or want to know. So… What does this mean for your business? A lot of business owners I have worked with look at Facebook as a time waster… A way to distract yourself (or a way for their employees to become distracted). And it can be if you don’t use them correctly. If you own a business, whether brick and mortar or online, you can benefit from your association with Facebook. Most of us use Facebook for personal reasons. We chat, share photos and other things. But it can be turned to profit your business. Start by creating a business page on Facebook. You can link to this page from your website. Use your social media page to offer special coupons or offers to those who visit and see what you are talking about there. As your page is an extension of your business, use it as a way to hone in on what your customers are thinking. This is NOT a passive activity. If you handle this in a haphazard – catch-as-catch-can way your fans will notice and they will no longer pay attention.Do your due diligence as well. Respond to questions and comments asked there. Ask your Customers and Prospects question. Offer surveys and polls for those who “like” your page. Highlight what is going on at your business and upcoming features. Target your updates to those who are in your niche market. And, keep them brief and timely so no one is inundated...

Why You Shouldn’t Bombard Your Customers with Holiday Discounts

Why You Shouldn’t Bombard Your Customers with Holiday Discounts I need to start by clarifying something… I‘m not a fan of discounting. I think that unless you’re really careful, you will devalue your product which can kill your business… I think your much better off building up your value. That being said… It does have it’s place in some markets during certain times of the year. If you do decide to discount, here are some tips to make sure you don’t turn your Customers off. We just left the Christmas Holiday Season, and I saw, as a Customer, lots and lots of businesses breaking these rules… When I’m not a Consultant I’m a Consumer just like you! I know how it feels to have sales, especially sales that don’t apply to me shoved down my throat! Follow tis advice and you’ll end up a lot more profitable and have a lot happier Customers! Holiday Season… One of the first things businesses do during the holiday season is come up with all kinds of discounts, then repeatedly mail their customers. What’s the usual response? A spike in unsubscribe rates. This is an all too common mistake. Businesses often think that they’ve built up enough goodwill by mailing and emailing regularly (but not too often) the rest of the year to allow them to bombard their users with discounts during the holidays. In reality, however, during the holidays your customers are receiving 5 to 30 emails, dozens of sale brochures in their snail mail boxes a day that are exactly like the mail and emails you’re sending. If you keep sending holiday discount emails, they’ll lump your emails in with the rest of them and simply hit “delete or just toss your expensive sales brochures” ** Value the Long-Term Relationship** The long-term relationship you have with your Customer is the biggest asset your business has. Instead of trying to maximize your gains from your holiday sales in the short term, aim to maximize your long-term customer value. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try to sell your products during the holidays. You should. But don’t do it at the expense of your relationship with your customers. Annoy them during the holidays and they will ignore you for the rest of the year! For some businesses it just doesn’t make sense to have a big sale during the holidays… Mail only two or three times maximum during the holiday season. Mail enough that you let your customer...

Does Your Restaurant Need a Mobile Website?

Does Your Restaurant Need A Mobile Website? You have a wonderful website. It looks GORGEOUS on a desktop computer… But…On a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone, it’s at best… Frustrating! Decide for yourself that a Mobile Website is just what you need to keep your Prospects and Customers happy! A Mobile Website = More and Happier Customers = more...

Should You Become A “Blogger”?

Should You Become A “Blogger”? One of the things I try desperately to bang into the heads of my Clients is that they need to determine what tactics fit into their business growth strategy. Blogging is great for some businesses and not so effective for others… Many people don’t realize the amount of tireless work that goes into a blog. In addition to the vast number of behind the scenes tasks there is the day to day communication needed to become a successful blogger. The first step is REALLY understanding what a GOOD blog post is! Before jumping into the blogosphere, consider whether becoming a blogger is really right for you. If it isn’t, no worries. There are a ton of other great tactics to use! #1 Do You Enjoy Writing? If that sounds like a silly question – perhaps blogging will be your forte… But if you don’t like to write – then blogging is probably not going to be a good fit for your business. Yes there are a lot of different types of posts, video, graphic etc, but the majority of successful bloggers count on the written word to build their blog and anyway you look at it, that’s going to require some time spent in front of the keyboard donning your Hemingway cap! #2 Are You Willing to Learn? Yep, it’s gonna take some pre writing work. You need to really understand who your Prospect and/or Customer is, What they are interested in, what style of writing they will appreciate.  You’ll be lightyears ahead of the game if you actually enjoy this type of learning! i LOVE to understand what makes people tick. I consider myself a lifelong student of human nature. Hence…. blogging is pretty enjoyable for me and I’m pretty good at it! Blogging and learning about your Customer or Prospects in this way is a never ending process. The blogosphere is constantly changing, software in the blogosphere changes often, and if you can’t find some kind of enjoyment in this, well you will be better off shaving your head with a cheese grater while chewing tinfoil… it will be a lot more enjoyable for you! #3 Are you a detail oriented person? Not only do you need to understand your Prospects, Customers and the software, you’ll need to understand the numbers. What do the analytics tell you about your prospect, We live and die by the numbers. If you find...

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