Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business

Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business Are you using the Social Sites to improve your business? Just about everyone uses social media networks these days. It’s a way to keep up with friends old and new. But, did you know how important it is for the business side of things? Social Media Hype What is it about social media that is so appealing? quite simply… It’s about RELATIONSHIPS! In this technological age it’s a way for people to keep u in touch with each other when their schedules are too busy for actual face-to-face meetings. People can stay social and share with others over the inter webs s even if they don’t get out very much. Friends and family can stay in touch over the long miles with social sites. You can meet and make new acquaintances through the personal information that you provide on your profiles. Facebook can even make suggestions for you of people you might know or want to know. So… What does this mean for your business? A lot of business owners I have worked with look at Facebook as a time waster… A way to distract yourself (or a way for their employees to become distracted). And it can be if you don’t use them correctly. If you own a business, whether brick and mortar or online, you can benefit from your association with Facebook. Most of us use Facebook for personal reasons. We chat, share photos and other things. But it can be turned to profit your business. Start by creating a business page on Facebook. You can link to this page from your website. Use your social media page to offer special coupons or offers to those who visit and see what you are talking about there. As your page is an extension of your business, use it as a way to hone in on what your customers are thinking. This is NOT a passive activity. If you handle this in a haphazard – catch-as-catch-can way your fans will notice and they will no longer pay attention.Do your due diligence as well. Respond to questions and comments asked there. Ask your Customers and Prospects question. Offer surveys and polls for those who “like” your page. Highlight what is going on at your business and upcoming features. Target your updates to those who are in your niche market. And, keep them brief and timely so no one is inundated...

Do you know your Customer Avatar?

Do you know your Customer Avatar? Avatar, What a great movie! I loved it so much I saw it a bunch of times. Great message. But what does it have to do with your Customer? Nothing…  A Customer Avatar is simply a mashup of their ideal Customer. You need to have an Customer Avatar. Every business does but so many fail to have one. On my first meeting with my Clients I try to discover their Customer Avatar. They usually have NEVER thought in this direction before. Oddly when they think of ads, they think of them or their business, not their Customer. Your Customer Avatar is a mixture of your favorite Customers, It’s a hybrid, if you will of their traits. Their age, their likes, their dislikes – And don’t make the mistake of trying to understand what they like and dislike about your business, this is about THEM – The Customer – not you. You need to really undertsnad your ideal Customer, the magazines they read, their political views, the books they read, the places they like to go on vacation, what they dream about, what frightens them, what exhilirates them etc. When we determine that, I write it out in detail and then I create a Customer Avatar. I get a picture of that person, usually off the net, and then give them a name. A real name like Betty, Felicia or George. This lives in their binder and I before I write any copy or create any ads… I read about them. I look at that picture and I dive deep into who they are. I imagine the pain they feel perhaps they are lonely and trying to find a mate, I think of their dreams, maybe they aspire to lose weight, etc. Does this sound like a lot of whoo ha too you? It’s not. It’s one of my secret ninja mind tricks. It’s why my copy and ads sell so well. I understand the Customer AS A PERSON that we are trying to reach. I get into their head. I feel their pain and laugh with them. I really have no idea how anyone can write copy unless they have a process like this… Could you do it too? I think so. It takes a lot of practice. It talkes a lot of time. It means that you don’t just sit down at the keyboard and bang out a sales letter. You need to do the hard work first! (It took me 30 years of...

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

To Facebook or Not to Facebook? Facebook is NOT an option anymore! If you are a local business owner, you may not want to hear this… It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and create a Customized Facebook Fan page. If you have Customers, they ARE on Facebook! Whether you’re a Funeral home or a Favorite Restaurant… Facebook is just not an option for you. it’s where your Customers hang out and you need to too! Business in a slump? There is no better way to spring back to life than to start using the power of Social Media. It really needs to be in the mix when deciding where to divide your marketing and advertising dollars? Everyone has heard that social media usage is on the rise and is showing no sign of stopping! It allows busy people to connect quickly. And we the people like that! Business owners all over the world have to determine a strategy for using this new networking technology or you will quickly be left in the dust!. Unfortunately, setting up a powerful lead funnel using social media is no easy task. It takes time a lot of thought, and a lot of work, done correctly to build the type of presence that will create long term income for your business. The first Facebook step is to build a custom-designed, lead capture Facebook Fan page. A Facebook Fan Page gives you brand visibility. It allows you to identify who you are in your industry! Busy consumers don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much fluff. So bring your prospect to your Fan page that explains who you are and ask them to like you to stay in touch! Facebook has recently implemented the ‘new timeline”. With the advent of this  we now need to impress our prospects with outstanding content, show them that others like us, show them that we have interested active fellow Customers for them to interact with! Don’t forget to  provide your online followers with massive value along with a few promotions here and there! It’s a great recipe for Facebook success. Social networking means big business and big income if you do it right.  It can provide you with more leads, customers, sales, and profits beyond your imagination. Don’t miss out on the enormous opportunity to take your business to a whole new level through Facebook Fan...

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