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Is your business growth stalled?


Which Way Do I Go?

Do  you find that you are working so hard within your business that you just don’t have time to even THINK about growing your business?

It happens…

We start a business with the hopes that it will be successful, and then either it is… or it isn’t.

So now we spend all of our time trying to keep all of the plates spinning – or we spend all of our time and money wondering what we are doing wrong…

It’s a situation that has no answer unless… Unless you can see how to get off the ride! And often that’s the hardest part…

The real issue often is that you’re often too close to the problem to see the solution… You have tunnel vision, and once you have it, it’s hard to expand your vision…

Often i find that it’s because you only know how to do what you know how to do.  You would try something different if you knew what to try! If you’ve never tried a different approach to running, managing , marketing your business, you won’t know to try something different! How could you!

I here from my Clients that it’s having someone look at their business in a different way then they ever could is the important first “A-Ha Moment” for them

One of my long term Clients,  Joel McDonald of, tells me that  it’s one of our first discussions, where I saw something that he never would have seen, that was a stellar moment for him… I

n fact he tells me that our half hour meeting was worth a quarter of a million dollars to him! He tells me that it was then that he truly understood the power of having someone Coach him in his business! It was a proud moment for me too!

So… are you stuck somewhere? Do you feel like you have been pushing your business uphill – both ways – but ya just can’t the needle to move.

The good news is that there may be ho

pe for you and your business! You owe it to your business to see if we can help you!

So can a Coach REALLY help you? Frankly…  ANYONE that is successful has a Coach and likely a bunch of mentors… It’s just too hard if not impossible to reach your potential without outside help. Think of EVERY sports figure you know,of course they have a Coach… If they need a Coach to help them kick a ball or throw a punch… it’s obviously clear to you that  a complicated task like growing a business is a perfect place to have a Coach!

Now a Coach is not the ” Do It For You Person”!  Be ready to work if you hire us. And you may be doing different work than you expect! Don’t worryif you feel like you just don’t have time to do ANY more work, we’ll teach you how to outsource a lot of the work so you have time to do your “Genius Work”!

Rwady to get un-stuck and get your business purring like a kitten?

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