Should You Become A “Blogger”?

Should You Become A “Blogger”?

One of the things I try desperately to bang into the heads of my Clients is that they need to determine what tactics fit into their business growth strategy. Blogging is great for some businesses and not so effective for others…

Many people don’t realize the amount of tireless work that goes into a blog. In addition to the vast number of behind the scenes tasks there is the day to day communication needed to become a successful blogger.

The first step is REALLY understanding what a GOOD blog post is! Before jumping into the blogosphere, consider whether becoming a blogger is really right for you. If it isn’t, no worries. There are a ton of other great tactics to use!

#1 Do You Enjoy Writing? If that sounds like a silly question – perhaps blogging will be your forte… But if you don’t like to write – then blogging is probably not going to be a good fit for your business. Yes there are a lot of different types of posts, video, graphic etc, but the majority of successful bloggers count on the written word to build their blog and anyway you look at it, that’s going to require some time spent in front of the keyboard donning your Hemingway cap!

#2 Are You Willing to Learn? Yep, it’s gonna take some pre writing work. You need to really understand who your Prospect and/or Customer is, What they are interested in, what style of writing they will appreciate.  You’ll be lightyears ahead of the game if you actually enjoy this type of learning! i LOVE to understand what makes people tick. I consider myself a lifelong student of human nature. Hence…. blogging is pretty enjoyable for me and I’m pretty good at it! Blogging and learning about your Customer or Prospects in this way is a never ending process. The blogosphere is constantly changing, software in the blogosphere changes often, and if you can’t find some kind of enjoyment in this, well you will be better off shaving your head with a cheese grater while chewing tinfoil… it will be a lot more enjoyable for you!

#3 Are you a detail oriented person? Not only do you need to understand your Prospects, Customers and the software, you’ll need to understand the numbers. What do the analytics tell you about your prospect, We live and die by the numbers. If you find that your audience loves a particular post, you’ll need to try to understand what they liked about that post and then do more of that!  Don’ panic – if the numbers make your head spin, you can find someone that can work through this for you. The right contractor can make this simple for ya!

#4 Can you drive yourself? Or do you really work better when someone else imposes deadline and the like on you? Be honest, ’cause this is important! If you make a to do list… does the list ever get finished? Can you set personal goals, strategize, and then take action to achieve them? A successful blogger has to be able to crack their own whip!

#5 Are your risk adverse? Writing, really any creative process is a risk. if you set yourself up for success you may very well succeeded and you may fail… Seeing these failures as results that give you a direction to change is key to successful blogging.

Can you fall on your face and pick yourself back up and keep on chugging along?  If you answered yes, then becoming a blogger on your topic may very well be a good fit for you. Get started today. Decide what you will write about, create a plan and a blogging schedule – noting says you have to write every day – maybe twice a week will work, maybe once a week. Figure out what works for you and get started now… If the answer was no – it’s ok… Better to know your limitations than spend a lot of time on something you just will never ever enjoy doing!I

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