Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business

Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business

Are you using the Social Sites to improve your business? Just about everyone uses social media networks these days. It’s a way to keep up with friends old and new. But, did you know how important it is for the business side of things?

Social Media Hype

What is it about social media that is so appealing? quite simply… It’s about RELATIONSHIPS! In this technological age it’s a way for people to keep u in touch with each other when their schedules are too busy for actual face-to-face meetings. People can stay social and share with others over the inter webs s even if they don’t get out very much.

Friends and family can stay in touch over the long miles with social sites. You can meet and make new acquaintances through the personal information that you provide on your profiles. Facebook can even make suggestions for you of people you might know or want to know.

So… What does this mean for your business?

A lot of business owners I have worked with look at Facebook as a time waster… A way to distract yourself (or a way for their employees to become distracted). And it can be if you don’t use them correctly. If you own a business, whether brick and mortar or online, you can benefit from your association with Facebook. Most of us use Facebook for personal reasons. We chat, share photos and other things. But it can be turned to profit your business.

Start by creating a business page on Facebook. You can link to this page from your website. Use your social media page to offer special coupons or offers to those who visit and see what you are talking about there.

As your page is an extension of your business, use it as a way to hone in on what your customers are thinking. This is NOT a passive activity. If you handle this in a haphazard – catch-as-catch-can way your fans will notice and they will no longer pay attention.Do your due diligence as well. Respond to questions and comments asked there. Ask your Customers and Prospects question. Offer surveys and polls for those who “like” your page.

Highlight what is going on at your business and upcoming features. Target your updates to those who are in your niche market. And, keep them brief and timely so no one is inundated with a lot of posts to their wall.

If you are just beginning a Facebook business page, invite your friends and family members you are already “friends” with to visit and “like” your page. This can get the ball rolling. They can suggest your page to their list of friends as well.

Hold Contests! Another suggestion is to hold contests on your business page. Mention them on your website, but only offer entry to those who check in on the Facebook page.

So why is this important for your business?

  1. Did you know that Facebook pages appear in search results on major search engines? They appear almost instantly! With that thought in mind, don’t forget to optimize that page just like you have done with your website. Post snippets of your content there with links back to your website for those who find you through the social site first.
  2. Facebook fans are important to your business because there are so many of them. And, through their clicks, you can find more targeted traffic for your website.

One rule too remember… Having thousands of fans not paying attention to what you share is as good as having none. Engagement is the key when it comes to Social Media… I’d rather have 500 passionate fans paying attention to what I am sharing then a half a million that ignore me!

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